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Lupines have the ability to fix nitrogen into soil.

Lizard Tail Eriophyllum staechadifolium. Supports bees, butterflies and insects. It is a shrub that is highly drought, salt, and wind-tolerant; hence it is perfect for coastal environments. Sea Thrift Armeria maritima ssp californica. This perennial species has spherical clusters of tiny, funnel-shaped, light to dark pink flowers on stems 10 to 14 inches high with short, slender grass-like leaves in mounds.

Blooms spring to summer in coastal areas. Dune Tansy Tanacetum bipinnatum. Perennial herb in the Asteraceae Sunflower family.

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Flowers are yellow disc florets with leaves that are lacy and ferny. Easy to care for and commonly used as a ground cover. Blooms from July to September. Tough, dependable and fast growing, they are long-blooming plants perfect for a drought-tolerant garden.

Gardens in the Dunes by Leslie Marmon Silko

They provide quality food for bees, butterflies, and birds. San Francisco A Natural History. Greg Gaar and Ryder W.

Arcadia Publishing. Sand Dunes. Seaside Fleabane. California Native Plant Society. Yellow Bush Lupine. Presidio of San Francisco. Coast Buckwheat.

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Eriophyllum staechadifolium. Lizard tail. Dune Tansy. Tanacetum bipinnatum. California Native Plant Society Calscape. Mount Sutro. San Francisco. Gardening in the Dunes. Share on Facebook. Share on Twitter. Featured Posts. Fall Plant Sale! September 12, Please stay on the trail. If you wish to take a picture please watch your step when approaching the orchids.

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This orchid species requires a special soil with a symbiotic species of fungus to thrive so please do not pick the flower or dig up the plant as it will not survive transplantation. Sand Dune Restoration.

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Community History. Ottawa Greenbelt Sand Dune Conservation. The Ottawa Greenbelt sand dunes were ground out of the Canadian Shield by the movement of the kilometer thick ice of the last Ice Age, which started to recede over 10, years ago.