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They evaluate musical choices they and others from different cultures, times and places make to communicate meaning as performers and composers.

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Students manipulate the elements of music and stylistic conventions to compose music. They interpret, rehearse and perform songs and instrumental pieces in unison and in parts, demonstrating technical and expressive skills.

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They use aural skills , music terminology and symbols to recognise, memorise and notate features, such as melodic patterns in music they perform and compose. Home F curriculum The Arts Music. Please select at least one year level to view the content.

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Understand how Music works. Rationale This rationale complements and extends the rationale for The Arts learning area.

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Interpreting Music

Interpreting Music. In this Book. Additional Information.

How sign language innovators are bringing music to the deaf

Interpreting Music is a comprehensive essay on understanding musical meaning and performing music meaningfully—"interpreting music" in both senses of the term. Synthesizing and advancing two decades of highly influential work, Lawrence Kramer fundamentally rethinks the concepts of work, score, performance, performativity, interpretation, and meaning—even the very concept of music—while breaking down conventional wisdom and received ideas. Kramer argues that music, far from being closed to interpretation, is ideally open to it, and that musical interpretation is the paradigm of interpretation in general.

The book illustrates the many dimensions of interpreting music through a series of case studies drawn from the classical repertoire, but its methods and principles carry over to other repertoires just as they carry beyond music by working through music to wider philosophical and cultural questions. Table of Contents.

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Cover p. TItle Page, Copyright pp. Contents pp. List of Musical Examples pp.

Interpreting Music in American Sign Language (ASL) for Beginners

Hermeneutics pp. Language pp. Subjectivity pp. Meaning pp. Metaphor pp. History pp.