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Also available as a Persephone eBook.

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Read our 'flipping' catalogue online: or of course do ask for a hard-copy version. Read all thirty-two Quarterlies and twenty-four Biannuallies online. Search: Search. This is after the great crash of and Miss Buncle, who has never had to work a day in her life, is in need of some income because her dividends have dwindled to pretty much nothing.

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She considers raising hens, but her maid hates hens and would never put up with it, and Miss Buncle knows nothing about raising hens, so she decides to write a book. The problem is Miss Buncle claims she has no imagination, so she ends up writing a novel about a small town that looks an awful lot like her small town, inhabited by characters who very much resemble her neighbors.

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When her neighbors read the book and recognize themselves, they are not happy about it and hilarity ensues. I loved the characters in this book and had so much fun reading it.

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The domineering woman of the small town who loves to order everyone about, Mrs. She tries to sue the publisher for libel, but her attorney all but laughs her out of his office.

Miss Buncle’s Book

So Mrs. Featherstone Hogg determines to take matters into her own hands and calls a town meeting, inviting everyone over for tea who appears in the book so they can try to figure out who this John Smith might be and how to punish him.

Featherstone Hogg is determined to horsewhip him, even though she has no idea what it actually means to horsewhip someone. Miss Buncle is, of course, invited to the meeting, although she dreads sitting in a room full of people complaining about her book and trying to find out who she is. Most of the meeting consists of everyone insisting that details in the book are entirely fictional because they would never do XYZ. By Christina Calvit Adapted from D. Though the story is rather complicated it involves a women writing a book about herself writing a book, twice director Dorothy Milne keeps the large cast of characters moving efficiently.

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Anchoring the cast is Jenifer Tyler as the titular Miss Buncle, in a truly magnificent performance as one of the most sympathetic, admirable, and funny characters this season. Our first introduction to the small town of Silverstream is at a tea party hosted by the horrible Mrs.

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  • Take, for example, Stephen Bulmer Martel Manning , who denies his wife tea because she has to get home to ensure their children are in bed in time for him to not see them. Also in attendance is the mousy, drab, demure Barbara Buncle, but she has to leave early to get to London. It is about the people of Silverstream, disguised just enough to avoid lawsuits, but obvious to themselves.

    Somehow, amid the Great Depression, Barbara had gotten so desperate for money, she wrote a manuscript and submitted it, not expecting it ever really to be published, even after accepting an offer.