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We are not, of course, the first to suggest this approach.

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However, a persistent criticism of this and all other computer models of metabolism hasbeen the failure to address the consequences of intracellular partitioning of metabolitesbetween the cytoplasm, mitochondria, and other organelles, and likely effects of theviscous intracellular milieu and surface adhesion, on the rates of enzymic reactions. Because it is non-invasive and highly selective to the detection of chemical species,NMR spectroscopy has provided a means to address many of these questions. Also, in the present decade computers have gained so much in calculating speed anduser friendliness that it is now routine practice, using a modest-cost personal computer,to calculate the time dependence of a kinetic system, whether physical, chemical, orbiochemical, that is described by arrays of hundreds of stiff non-linear differentialequations.

In the past, the solutions were obtained using specialized programs, oftenwritten in machine code by the individual scientist. However, with the advent ofsophisticated general programming environments like Mathematica that haveimplementations of contemporary algorithms and excellent graphics output capabilities,the task of developing new models of metabolism and visualizing their responses hasbecome accessible to many students of biochemistry, and the life sciences in general.

They contributed kinetic data primarily fromNMR spectroscopy and also assisted in the development of the computer model ofhuman erythrocyte metabolism that culminated in PJM's Ph. Regan, who spent his Ph. We thank Alan Henigman for his positive review of an early draft of this book and,with Julie Benner and Debra Pierce, assisted in the process of locating a suitablepublisher. Fequierre Vilsaint of CRC Press took up the project with enthusiasm and wethank him, Pat Roberson, and Naomi Lynch enormously for their encouragement,support, and finally for delivering so efficiently the final product.

MathematicaFinally, it is relevant to comment on Mathematica and how it relates to this book: wemake extensive use of Mathematica in this book; in fact, it has been typeset in thisprogram. Even in Chapter 1 there are examples of quite sophisticated usage ofMathematica. Therefore, it is recommended that the CD version of the book be read onyour computer with Mathematica available to run the various examples and exercises.

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As noted above, the main concepts of biochemical kinetics and metabolic controlanalysis are illustrated in the worked examples marked with a Q and are expandedupon in the exercises that are located at the conclusion of each chapter, all usingMathematica in some way. We encourage you to not only reproduce the output ofthese examples but to make modifications to the programs and explore the results ofthese changes.

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A spin-off of all the biochemical, metabolic, and kinetic investigationswill be the development of a facility in the use of this truly outstanding program. If, on occasion, a Mathematica function is encountered that requires furtherclarification, simply proceed to the Help Menu and look up the index.

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Alternatively, ahard copy of the Mathematica book can be used, but after some practice you will mostlikely find the screen version to be more convenient. The easy-to-use text by DonH8L is a valuable source of descriptions of the variousfunctions and semantics of Mathematica and for illustrating their usage.

There are alsomany specialized texts, like the present one, that use Mathematica to present theirparticular scientific or mathematical themes and that can provide examples and tricksof usage that are seemingly infinite in number. We anticipate that it will becomeobvious to you that scientists have gained, in Mathematica, access to mathematicalpower and resources that were undreamed of even 5 years ago. ConclusionsMathematica, like all computer languages, is best learnt by experimentation; likewisefor gaining skills in metabolic simulation.

Therefore, we encourage you to run as many. Finally, we will welcome feedback from you on how this book could be improved. Heinrich, R. Modelling Metabolism with Mathematica Download Report. Published on Dec View Download 3. Corporate Blvd. Trademark Notice: Product or corporate names may be trademarks or registered trademarks, and areused only for identication and explanation, without intent to infringe. Mulquiney, Philip W. M85 Peter J. MulquineyPhilip W.

A physical model of cell metabolism

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    A physical model of cell metabolism

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