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I moved with every breath you made Took pictures of everything I ate And I pressed the flesh But I guess a different kind. In a world of careless ruthless hands Whose cruelest task to understand The vile weed inside of man. When my kerosene refused to fuel And fever took my favorite mule My purpose turned to simple rules:.

Your lover loves in fits of rage Acts out your life on dim lit stages Throws you in an unlocked cage. Or at least carve into the side This machine surrounds suicide And forces it to idolize. I still have dreams about the woman Who said she had apache blood But she just never knew her mother And loved to dance before it flood. Take my easel and bury it down With the illusions of regret Follow close enough to see me But not enough to see my debt. What is fortune but the chance To drown your efforts easily With its lungs all full of salt and plankton Awaken to the worst of me.

With too much luck you end up thinking Your lowest thoughts are worth their sand Listen close enough to hear me But not enough to understand. Follow Eddie on Instagram. The talks you have, all the wonderful things you are part of, all the time you share. Dont waste a minute of being in the car with your kids, one day they will get their license. Looking back on it, that seems to be the day the childhood ended.

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So carry you babies, lay down with them at night, tickle their backs, help them up when they fall. Cherish it all, it ends. But the day your child is grown, is also a wonderful day, you get to meet a fantastic young person. It begins again. Love it — I wrote about this only last week! I carried my now 16 yo daughter until she was 5 or 6 and her daddy continued to carry her piggy-back to bed until her feet touched the ground.

I still will wash her hair, lay with her, or any other request because one day she will be the mommy and these are the important things I want her to learn! They are important! This has brought tears to my eyes. We, as in me. I even went to a fertility clinic.

I was being told I could never get pregnant but could bring , dollars if I wanted to try!!! The doctor also went on to say I was too old anyway. Well after a few mothers days and a lot of asking God for a child I did have a baby!!!!

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I was 44 and now he is 7. I have cherished everyday with him and I think the sun rises and shines with him. I have always told him I want to carry him as long as I can. When he even mentions for us to do something together I am up for it. I tell him that I want him to always remember he came before the house and before anything else.

That time when they want to cuddle, watch a movie, go for a walk and yes, be carried is so short. I hold him every chance I can and tell him often how much I love him. I love my son so much and thank God daily for him. Thank you so much for the blog. I agree. With my firstborn, I enjoyed carrying him until he was two.

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That was when I missed carrying him. Now I am a mum of three, the youngest 5 year old. Last year in winter, I was carrying my then 4 year old son in the stairs in a cold day, an old lady started telling me to let him walk himself and that if i do not let him be indepent, he will grow up to be a dependent person.

I partly agree with her, still I wanna enjoy carrying him until he is too big. I even carry my 7 and 5 year olds to bathroom in the morning. I am an almost 60year old nana , I can manage a short piggyback or on the hip ride from bath to bed , physically I am not able to carry my grandkids to much ,especially the two older ones , but when I can I do , they also still sit on my lap and have a book read to them , I try the good old superman ride now and then but it is harder. There is nothing wrong with carrying your kids if you want to and can. This story was so touching!!!!

I carried my Son as long as I could and as long as he would let me and wanted me to…then when they grow too tall or too heavy, we can always carry them close to our hearts where they started out in the first place!!!

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I loved him before I met him. I loved him before I knew him. I love him forever. Thank you. Thanks for this post! My son is 4 almost 5 and I still carry him. My husband was in an accident in January and one of his goals of recovery was being able to carry our son again. We are told all the time to put our son down. We have an only child — not by choice- and the day we can no longer carry him will be so so sad.

I love this article so much. My daughter is only 11 months next week!! The very idea of that breaks my heart. Gah, even typing that makes me cry. So, all those judgy pants people can shut up. Oh so so sweet! Thank you! Thank you so much for this article! I carried my children up until this last winter when I had a foot injury and then surgery. I have fibromyalgia and arthritis. Perhaps it will never come back as they are 73 and 77 pounds. In spite of all that they are still welcome on my lap and are held when they need it. Yes hold them and carry them when they are in need.

It will go too quickly and that love and support will be remembered.

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I have three kiddos. And I still carry them. The day is slowly approaching for me when they will no longer want me to.

Beautiful article! My goal for my house is that the kids feel safe and loved. If that means I lay with them until they fall asleep every night I will or carry them because they need a bit of love. Despite my husbands protests that they are too old. Maybe they are, but they will grow up knowing they were safe and loved. That is what finally got me back into the gym and lifting weights. Thanks for the reminder. I love how you show love to your kids.